Clear Creek Programs

Clear Creek Baptist Bible College offers a variety of programs for students who are called into ministry by expanding their knowledge of biblical studies and growing them in their spiritual walk with God. These programs include undergraduate degrees in areas such as pastoral ministry, counseling, and worship, as well as a graduate degree in ministry. Clear Creek's programs are meticulously crafted to furnish students with a robust foundation in the Scriptures and practical ministry experience, preparing them for a lifetime of service to the Lord.

Master of Arts in Ministry

This is a competency based degree program built on 12 competencies and correlating in intensity to other graduate ministry degrees yielding 36 credit hours.

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Bachelor of Arts in Ministry

The Bachelor of Arts in Ministry program prepares the graduate for the particular ministry to which God has called him or her. The graduate will excel in preparing and proclaiming Bible messages and lessons, providing quality counsel to those to whom he or she ministers, and producing leaders for the ministries and programs of the local church.

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Bachelor of Arts in Worship & Music Ministry

The purpose of this degree is to train worship and music leaders to lead congregations with musical skillfulness and faithfulness to biblical theology. This degree consists of 120 hours; the first 3 years are classroom-oriented and the 4th year is spent on the field.

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Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry

The Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry is designed to prepare and equip graduates to fulfill their calling as pastors within the context of the local church. As such, participation in this program will focus heavily on the areas of pastoral preaching, care, leadership, and counseling.

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Bachelor of Arts in Counseling Ministry

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Counseling Ministry serves a dual purpose. It meets the needs of students preparing for a pastoral role in ministry who desire a targeted pursuit of study in counseling. It also equips those students who are training in preparation for other ministry roles/areas that would benefit from pursuing biblical counseling specialization and vocational preparation in their local settings (teaching, missions, para-church ministries, community counseling clinics, support ministries - etc.).

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Bachelor of Arts in Church Planting Ministry

Recent studies have shown that more churches are closing than opening. As churches close their doors, the gospel impact in the community is lost. We want to be a part of a movement that reverses the trend. Our Church Planting program combines foundational preparation in biblical, theological, and ministry education with electives designed specifically for those called to be church planters.This degree consists of 120 hours; the first 90 hours are classroom-oriented, and the final 30 hours are spent in the field training.

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Associate of Arts in Ministry

The Associate of Arts in Ministry degree equips students with the general ministry skills while increasing their Bible knowledge and preparing them for additional study in a specialized ministry area.

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Bivocational Ministry Certificate

A certificate to prepare ministers who have been called into the Bivocational ministry: 8 Hours of Bible, 6 Hours of Doctrine, and 4 Hours of Ministry.

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Certificate in Bible

This program is designed to provide interested students with in-depth knowledge of the Bible. Students can complete this program as a special student or through the online program.

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Dual Enrollment & Non-Degree Seeking

A non-degree seeking student is an individual wishing to enroll at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College who is not pursuing a degree.

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