Bachelor of Arts in
Church Planting Ministry

Bachelor of Arts in Church Planting Ministry: 120 Hours

Recent studies have shown that more churches are closing than opening. As churches close their doors, the gospel impact in the community is lost. We want to be a part of a movement that reverses the trend. Our Bachelor of Arts in Church Planting Ministry combines foundational preparation in biblical, theological, and ministry education with field experience designed specifically for those called to be church planters.

In addition to the 80 hours of core studies, the Bachelor of Arts in Church Planting Ministry consists of 20 hours of Ministry Studies, and 20 hours of Supervised Field Experience (SFE) in Church Planting. The BA in Church Planting Ministry degree prepares students for graduate studies if they desire to advance with Church Planting. BA - Ministry (Church Planting) Advising Sheet

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Bible / Theology:  44 Hours
General Studies:  36 Hours
Baptist Doctrine 3 College Research Literacy 3
New Testament 1-6 14 American History I & II 6
Old Testament 1 - 6 14 Church History 3
Biblical Hermeneutics 3 English Composition I & II 6
Christian Theology I & II 6 Fine Arts / Humanities 3
POWER To Succeed 1
Ministry Studies: 20 Hours
General Science 3
Church Administration & Leadership 3 General Science Lab 1
Public Speaking in Ministry 3 General Psychology 3
Transition to Ministry 3 Psychology of Lifespan Development 3
Spiritual Formation 2 Senior Seminar 1
Evangelism & Missions 3 Philosophy 3
Missions Preparation 1
Sermon Preparation OR Principles of Teaching 3
Sermon Delivery OR Bible Teaching Lab 2
Supervised Field Experience in Church Planting: 20 Hours
SFE in Church Planting 1-5 20
Required Non-Credit Courses
Christian Services Assignment 1-2
Chapel (every semester)
Report of Church Involvement (every semester)
Math Proficiency
Total: 120 Hours


Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the Bible and Christian Theology
  2. Students will implement proper communication and hermeneutical skills when speaking publicly.
  3. Students will administer a plan to lead a church plan in the area of missions, church administration, and spiritual formations.
  4. Students will implement plans to develop a sensitivity to the needs of the people encountered at a church plant.