Bachelor of Arts in
Worship & Music Ministry

Bachelor of Arts in Worship & Music Ministry (120 Hours)

The purpose of this degree is to train worship and music leaders to lead congregations with musical skillfulness and faithfulness to biblical theology. This degree consists of 120 hours; the first 3 years are classroom-oriented and the 4th year is spent on the field. BA in Worship Ministry Advising Sheet

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Bible / Theology:  44 Hours
General Studies:  32 Hours
Baptist Doctrine 3 College Research Literacy 3
New Testament 1-8 16 American History I-II 6
Old Testament 1 - 8 16 Church History 3
Biblical Hermeneutics 3 English Composition I-II 6
Christian Theology I & II 6 Music Appreciation 3
Ministry Studies: 12 Hours
General Science 3
Church Administration & Leadership 3 General Psychology 3
Public Speaking in Ministry 3 Senior Seminar 1
Transition to Ministry 3 Philosophy 3
Spiritual Formation 2 Power to Succeed 1
Missions Preparation 1
Worship Classes: 32 Hours
Introduction to Worship 3
Musicianship I-III 6
Clear Creek Singers / Worship Team I-IV 4
Hymnology 2
Private Lessons I-IV 4
Leading Worship 3
Worship History 3
Technology in Ministry 2
Children's Worship 2
Music in Missions 3
Required Non-Credit Courses
Christian Services Assignment 1-2
Chapel (every semester)
Report of Church Involvement (every semester)
Math Proficiency
Total: 120 Hours


Student Learning Outcomes

  1. An increase in knowledge and understanding of a biblical worship and music theology.
  2. A sensitivity to the methodologies needed to lead worship and music in the local church.
  3. An improvement in vocal or instrumental skills in the context of ministry.
  4. An understanding of a biblical worship philosophy.