Bi-vocational Ministry Certificate

The Bi-vocational Ministry Certificate will consist of 18 credit hours. The coursework will include 8 hours in Bible, 6 hours in doctrine and hermeneutics, and classes in Church Revitalization and Spiritual Formation. The certificate is designed to be completed across three semesters. it is recommended that seven hours will be taken in the first two semesters and four hours in the third semester. The entire certificate will be delivered online to accommodate the busy schedule of the bi-vocational pastor.

If you would like to know more about this degree, please contact us at or call (606) 337-3196 EXT: 104.


Course List
Baptist Doctrine 3
Spiritual Formation 2
Church Revitalization 2
Biblical Hermeneutics 3
Old Testament (2 Old Testament Courses) 4
New Testament (2 New Testament Courses) 4
Total: 18 Hours


Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will apply proper hermeneutical skills for the purpose of exegeting the Scripture in an applicable way for a contemporary audience.
  2. Students will exhibit growth in their overall Bible Knowledge.
  3. Students will learn and apply tools for spiritual discipline which will result in the furtherance of their personal, spiritual growth.




Clear Creek Baptist Bible College is here to help you succeed by getting your mind off of the problems of money and on to the theological training you need.

Costs to Student:
  • $350 per semester
  • Textbooks
Scholarship Offer:
  • CCBBC will scholarship the cost of tuition of certificate program courses
  • Students who withdraw from the program will be responsible to cover the cost of financial aid that was applied to their account for tuition. This can be appealed to the scholarship committee to review the circumstance of the withdrawal.
  • Students who must retake a course they have failed will be responsible for the full tuition cost.
Appeals Process:
  • A student may appeal the loss of Financial Aid due to “illness, injury, death of a relative, or other special circumstance”. These are examples and not the only reasons, which could be considered. Although, taking too many courses or failure to study or attend class is not acceptable. It is the students’ responsibility to request in writing that their case be taken into consideration. Once the written appeal has been received the student will be notified of the committee decision by mail within two weeks from receipt of the appeal.