Academic Electives

All graduates of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College are required to complete the following activities which have no academic credit.

  • Christian Service Assignment I & II
  • Christian Service Guidance (every semester)
  • Chapel (every semester)

If you would like to know more about this degree, please contact us at or call (606) 337-3196 EXT: 150 or 104.

Pastoral Ministry (EPAS) Electives
Addiction Counseling How We Got the Bible
Applied Hermeneutics Isaiah
Biblical Archeology Jeremiah and Lamentations
Biblical Backgrounds Job
Biblical Counseling Marriage Enrichment
Biblical Counseling for Forgiveness Parables
Biblical Language Intensive, Greek I Pastoral Preaching
Biblical Language Intensive, Greek II Pauline Theology
Biblical Language Intensive, Greek III Planned Program of Preaching
Biblical Language Intensive, Greek IV Preaching from the Old Testament
Biblical Language Intensive, Hebrew I Preaching Through a Bible Book
Biblical Language Intensive, Hebrew II Biblical Language Teaching Practicum
Deuteronomy Premarital Guidance
Doctrinal Preaching Preventive Pastoral Counseling
Doctrine of Atonement Psalms
Eschatology Romans
Ethical Preaching Seeing Christ in the Old Testament
Evangelistic Preaching Sermon on the Mount
Ezekiel Study Tour of Israel
Feasts of Israel Using Greek in Logos
Genesis Applied Pastoral Ministry
Gospel of John Apologetics in a Scientific Age
Church Ministries and Leadership (ECHU) Electives
Adolescent Development Introduction to Preschool & Children’s Ministry
Camping & Retreat Ministry Introduction to Youth Ministry
Church Drama Ministry Ministry to Senior Adults
Church Recreation Ministry Ministry to Youth in Crisis
Church Staff Leadership Small Church Ministry
Discipleship and Worship in Youth Ministry Technology in Christian Education
Educational Administration & Leadership The Minister of Education
The Minister of Youth Educational Psychology
Foundations of Education Youth Ministry Issues
Introduction to Adult Ministry Youth Evangelism
Educational Ministry Practicum Youth Ministry Practicum
Missions and Evangelism (EMEV) Electives
Apologetics in a Pluralistic Age Discipleship and Family Ministry
Apologetics in a Scientific Age Evangelism of Jesus
Area Studies History of the Christian Awakenings
Church Health/Growth Ministry Evangelism
Church Planting I Missions Education in the Church
Church Planting II Mission Practicum I and II
Church Planting Summer Practicum Mission Strategies with Mormons
Educational Evangelism Mission Strategies with Muslims
Contemporary World Views Religious Cults and New Age
Cross-Cultural Communication Southern Baptist Mission Boards
Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life
Church Music Courses Electives
MUSI 1101 Worship Team I MUSI 1102 Worship Team II
MUSI 2222 Children’s Worship MUSI 3331 Music in Missions
MUSI 4212 Leading Worship MUSI 4323 Worship History