Non-Degree Seeking

A non-degree seeking student is an individual enrolled at CCBBC who is not pursuing a degree at CCBBC. Non-degree seeking students are admitted without satisfying the usual entrance requirements of the college, provided there is proof of adequate preparation for the courses to be taken. A non-degree seeking student who decides to pursue a degree must complete the entire application process. Financial aid is available only for students who are pursuing a degree. A non-degree seeking student is restricted to 28 credit hours.

If you would like to know more about this degree, please contact us at or call (606) 337-3196 EXT: 150 or 104.

Admission to the Degree Program

Any student who wishes to pursue a degree must:
  1. Have a high school transcript or GED and transcripts from all colleges attended on file.
  2. If a home school applicant,submit an official state certificate of the home school program that the student graduated from or GED test scores.
  3. Maintain the minimum grade point average according to the standards established by the college.
  4. Submit official state certification, GED test scores, or proof of passage of the Ability to Benefit test to receive financial aid.

Tuition Payment & Refunds

Payment in full should be made at the time of registration. Any student whose account has not been cleared by the first day of class will be not be permitted to enter/access class and will have his or her registration voided. In such cases, any portion of the tuition paid will be refundable in full.

A student may drop a course for which he or she is registered at any time prior to the first day of class and receive a full tuition refund. This registration change will be subject to the registration change fee.

Any student who chooses to withdraw from a course that is in progress will not be eligible for tuition refund and will be subject to the registration change fee.

Non-Refundable Fees
Registration Fee (per semester) $25
Music Class/Private Music Class Fee $50/$100
Non-Refundable Charges
Registration Change (Drop/Add) $20
Returned Check (per check) $13
Student Identification & Library Card (new or replacement) $20
Car Tag $10
Parking/Traffic Violation $10 ($15 after 24 hours)