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A God-Centered Education

We believe the best and most efficient ministry is a Biblical ministry. We strive to root ourselves completely in Scripture.

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Clear Creek

The Bible College of the Kentucky Baptist Convention


Clear Creek is dually accredited by ABHE & SACSCOC

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Visit our campus and see for yourself why we are the right school to train you in your path to ministry.


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Campus Life

Clear Creek is a small campus comprised of families and single students. Our campus provides a variety of services to give you a well-rounded college experience.

Campus Life

A Superior Online Experience

Our online programs have been ranked as one of the best online Bible programs in the United States for combining an affordable, convenient, and God-centered alternative to the traditional classroom experience.

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Financial Aid

100% of students receive some type of financial aid

Even with our affordable price, we know it can be difficult to finance your education. Clear Creek has have hundreds of different scholarships available for both our Campus and Online students.

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Admissions Requirements

All applicants for admission and readmission to Clear Creek must complete the following requirements and abide by all its rules and regulations:

  • $50 Application Fee

  • Pastoral Reference (or chairman of deacons if applicant is the pastor)

  • Testimony – written and sent to admissions with what we like to call “The Three C’s:”

    • Christ – salvation story
    • Call – ministry calling
    • Creek – why you are pursuing an education with Clear Creek
  • Transcripts

    • Official High School Transcripts
    • Official College Transcripts (if applicable)
    • $10 Transcript Fee (fee remains the same regardless of the amount of college transcripts)
  • Entrance Test: Bible Knowledge Exam (BKE)

  • FAFSA (not needed for admittance, but highly encouraged to be completed ASAP)

Transfer Policy

In order to avoid duplication of academic credit and ensure the integrity of the degree programs at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College the acceptability of academic credit for transfer from other institutions will be restricted to the following circumstances.

  • For credit earned at an institution that is accredited by a CHEA-recognized body, the credit must be of like nature and parallel in content and quality and graded as "C" or better.
  • No credit will be awarded for life experience or professional certificates.
  • No credit for English Composition courses will be accepted without satisfactory completion of the English entrance examination.
  • No credit for courses in doctrine will be accepted from non-Baptist institutions.
  • Credit earned at an institution that is not accredited by a CHEA-recognized body may still be accepted if the above criteria are met and if at least three accredited institutions have accepted transfer credit from the unaccredited institution in question.
  • Credit may be awarded for the satisfactory completion of Advanced Placement (AP) examinations. Satisfactory completion is considered a score of "3", or better. For all natural science AP examinations scored "3", or above three (3) semester hours of lecture credit and one (1) semester hour of laboratory credit will be awarded. For all history AP examinations scored "3" or above six (6) semester hours of credit will be awarded. For all other discipline AP examinations, three (3) semester hours of credit will be awarded in the respective discipline.
  • Credit may be awarded up to a total of 30 hours for an associate’s degree and 60 hours for a baccalaureate degree. The graduate program (Master of Arts in Ministry) is competency based and not credit-based. In light of this factor, credits obviously cannot be transferred in to the graduate program. Previous work in the subject area, however, is not lost. Skills and knowledge gained form a similar program should enable the student to prove competency more quickly than a student with no prior training or education in ministry.

The responsibility for the enforcement of this policy is assigned to the Registrar. Upon receiving an official transcript of an applicant or student the Registrar will use the criteria outlined above to prepare a transcript evaluation. In the case of transcripts from unaccredited institutions, the individual seeking to transfer the credit must submit course syllabi (including book lists) and course catalog (including the credentials of the course instructor) for review to determine "like nature" and "parallel content and quality". The Registrar will present the evaluation for review to the Dean of Academic Affairs. Upon approval, the Registrar will inform the applicant or student and his or her advisor of the approved transfer and enter it upon his or her transcript with a grade of "S", excluding it from GPA calculation.