Work-Study/Work-Ship Job Application

Employment is offered under CCBBC’s Work-Study/Work-Ship Program. A small number of jobs on campus may receive Title IV funding. However, the vast majority of funding of student employment is provided by Clear Creek. While employees of Work-Study must be students exhibiting financial need, many spouses and children are also employed. Applications are available on the CCBBC website.

In order to ensure consistency in hiring for the Work-Study/Work-Ship positions at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College, the following procedure must be followed. All job openings go to the Assistant to the Dean of Administrative Affairs. Please provide the Assistant to the Dean of Administrative Affairs all pertinent information concerning the available position; including the skills and hours needed and the close date of the posted position. The Assistant to the Dean of Administrative Affairs will send the available position by e-mail to all students.

To apply for a job they are interested in, a student should fill out the application above. The employment application is then forwarded to the appropriate supervisor of the open position. If an employment application is already filled out and is still current, then no new application needs to be filled out. The Assistant to the Dean of Administrative Affairs just needs to be contacted concerning the open job and asked to send their employment application for a particular job opening.

The following are considerations that need to be made in the hiring process:

  • Skills needed for the particular position
  • Availability of the needed hours
  • Are they currently employed by CCBBC
  • Attempt to have at least one member from every household employed by CCBBC before hiring two members from the same household.

When a student is hired his/her application will be removed from the active file. If the worker wishes to be considered for another position on campus, he/she must file a new application.

Hiring Supervisors are to complete a “Notification of Employment” form to complete the hiring process.

Documents needed from new employees - Before Beginning Work:

  • A W-4 Withholding Form (provided by Assistant to the Dean of Administrative Affairs)
  • A blank voided check: for paychecks to be direct deposited into employees’ bank account.
  • A copy of driver’s license.
  • The CCBBC mailbox number.
  • A student e-mail address and/or home e-mail address to e-mail the paystub to employee.

The Administrative Affairs Office will then send the documents to the Business Services for completion.

  • The hiring process is not complete until all forms are received and processed.
  • The Assistant to the Dean of Administrative Affairs will notify the Supervisor by e-mail when this process is completed. These procedures should be strictly followed due to Workman’s Compensation Regulations.

It is the responsibility of the supervisor to go through the Work-Study/Work-Ship Employee Handbook and Safety Handbook with their new employee. Each employee is expected to abide by the Policies and Procedures in the Work-Study/Work-Ship Employee Handbook.

All Work-Study/Work-Ship employees will be subject to a six weeks’ probationary period. During this period the new employee will be monitored for satisfactory performance. If, during this time, the employee is not able to meet minimum job requirements or progress satisfactorily, he or she may be dismissed from the Work-Study/Work-Ship Program.

CCBBC values faithfulness, longevity, and loyalty to each worker position. However, if a Work-Study/Work-Ship employee desires to seek a new position at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College through a transfer, they must complete a “Job Transfer Notification Request” form with their current supervisor and submit it to the Assistant to the Dean of Administrative Affairs indicating the new position they wish to apply for. These forms can be acquired from their current supervisor or from the Assistant to the Dean of Administrative Affairs.